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BeeTradex 2022 Lectures


Sustainable Bees and Bee Improvement

BIBBA supports beekeepers to develop locally adapted stock as the route to achieving sustainable local bee populations. But how can we achieve locally adapted bees that are sustainable and genetically stable? Jo will talk us through some of the bee improvement solutions open to all beekeepers, regardless of their beekeeping aspirations. Jo Widdicombe is author of ‘The Principles of Bee Improvement’ – the recognised ‘go to’ practical guide to bee improvement.


Michael is the leading authority on the Artificial Insemination with 20 years’ experience to complement extensive conventional queen rearing and wider beekeeping activities. Michael trained in Germany with Dr Fischer and in the United States of America (USA) with Susan Cobey and has since worked with many of the leading universities in the UK.

11:45am - 12:45pm

Paula’s unique naturopathic perspective on beekeeping evolved following her connection between her own miraculous health recovery from Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and that of her honeybees. Believing that what is killing the bees is also killing humans, began a quest of global travel to find where the bees were healthy, and what we can do to maintain the balance of nature, living with bees of all species. Establishing the Bee Programme, and the Beezantium at The Newt in Somerset showed that working in alignment with nature has beneficial results for the bees, business and our environment. Trained honey sommelier and consultant to honey producers and land owners, her work inspires us to listen and learn from the bees. The author of 'Artist to Bees' and 'A Quest for Bees in Bhutan'.


Clive has been a beekeeper since the 1960’s. He is one of the best-known and respected beekeeping authorities in Britain and Ireland. Based in Essex, where he runs over 100 colonies for queen-rearing, honey production and pollination. He is a prominent member of the Bee Farmers’ Association, where he has been the Education Officer since 1982. As well as being a bee farmer Clive has studied, worked and presented papers within an international forum for many years and done much work in third world countries. In addition, he has written several books including the indispensable “Practical Beekeeping”.


"I started giving talks on honey fraud (or laundering as it also called) over three years ago. It came as a surprise to me how many people were totally unaware of the scale of the problem. They sensed things were not as they should be, perhaps when questioned in local markets why their honey was so much more expensive than supermarket honey. But the scale and complexity of the fraud and the lengths fraudsters went to disguise their duplicity was not realised. Honey fraud in all its guises needs to be addressed at different levels, and as beekeepers and honey producers we need to take more responsibility for this."
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