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About Us

Well, why did we buy BeeTradex? At the time it seemed like good idea, Tony the previous owner had some health issues and the show seemed to be in jeopardy.

This event is so important in the Beekeeping calendar it seemed we had little choice, either buy it or lose it.

Obviously we had anticipated most attendees would be happy that the show had been saved, unfortunately a couple of beekeeping equipment suppliers although not prepared to put up the money to buy it have decided Bee-Equipment purchasing it was something else they did not like.

Well I guess you cannot please all the people all the time.

We are a progressive company, we have shown that beekeeping does not need to be locked in the last century.

BeeTradex will form a part of a much wider program to help support and bring beekeeping to a wider audience at the same time as making beekeeping more accessible to everyone. We will bring the awareness and benefits of beekeeping as a business and as a hobby.

To this end, BeeTradex will still be mainly directed at the professional and hobby beekeepers just as before.

Additionally we have added to the portfolio of events a series of Festivals. These are aimed at the whole beekeeping industry from professional to hobbyist and those interested in starting a new hobby, a real fun day. The Festival of Bees launches July 23rd July and travels to three venues this year.

In addition to these event we are launching a new magazine, Bees and Other Pollinators Quarterly, BQ for short. Again the purpose is to raise the interests in all things to do with pollination, as well as promoting beekeeping. The launch date is provisionally May 1st World Bee Day. As we look at the BeeTradex online this year things are looking busy.

We hope you manage to enjoy BeeTradex weekend this year one way or another!

Patrick K Murfet.

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