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Peter Higgs Confirmed for British Beekeeping Show Lecture

Peter Higgs Confirmed for British Beekeeping Show Lecture

Peter Higgs is a specialist in live honeybee removal, but his story started a long time ago.

As a young man Peter spent his childhood in foster care, children’s homes and secure units. By age 18, living in Ewhurst Surrey, Peter overcame mental health issues and gaps in his education through help from The Prince’s Trust. 

Peter had found work with local gamekeepers and discovered a passion for wildlife management. This led to the idea of starting his own pest control company, but his limited education and lack of solid work experience within the industry left him feeling that starting a new business would be too much of an undertaking.

Peter enrolled on The Prince’s Enterprise programme for young people interested in realising their business potential. Peter said: “I learnt a lot on the course, from marketing to accounting, and it was great to see other young people in the same situation with similar aspirations.” The Prince’s Trust provided Peter with far-reaching business knowledge and the support he needed in the formation of his first company, PGH Pest Control and Prevention® in 2008.

In 2013 Peter Higgs won the RBS Enterprise award at The Prince’s Trust & Samsung Celebrate Success Awards, at spectacular ceremony held in the Odeon Theatre in Leicester Square, London.

Beegone® was then started by Peter Higgs, after realising the importance of honeybees and the serious problems occurring in the UK as a result them being killed. Beegone® specialises in live honeybee and comb removal. Honeybee swarms and colonies are removed from structures or naturally occurring cavities in a safe, environmentally friendly manner and then rehomed.

Passionate about educating people and businesses on correct honeybee identification and removal, Peter gives presentations all over the U.K.

Peter now employs a full time team of 14 and offers services to both businesses and homes nationwide.

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